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SH2-188 is a faint planetary nebula visible in the constellation of Cassiopeia.
Although it has been included in the Sharpless Catalog, it is actually a planetary nebula, located 711 light years away from the Solar System. It appears as a well-marked envelope on the eastern side and very dispersed on the western side, where it seems to have already dissolved.
Through its speed of expansion an age of about 7,500 years has been determined.

Technical data
Optic            Tecnosky Acromatic Refractor 152/900mm f/5.9
Mount          Losmandy G11 with Ovision worm and FS2
Camera           Atik 4000 with external filter wheel Starlight Express 5 positions
Filters        Baader 50.8 unmounted
Guiding system      OAG Starlight Xpress + Lodestar
Exposure details    Ha 30x900" bin1 -20C
                                      OIII 15x900" bin1 -20C
Total integration    11.2h
Acquisition        Maxim, PHD2
Processing        Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L         18.37    
Location         Home terrace (Rescaldina, Italy)
Date            23/24/27 August 2016

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