I was born in 1971 near Milan (Italy).
My passion for astronomy arose very early, at 14 years old, when armed with a small binoculars and a star map found on a book I started to observe the sky.
At the age of 15, I received my first telescope as a gift from my parents, a 150mm newtonian reflector that at the time was already a good instrument.
Since then I have never stopped studying the sky, alternating visual observation with astrophotography over the years: my interests have always been mainly aimed at deep sky objects, especially galaxies and planetary nebulae.
Since 2009 I have dedicated myself almost exclusively to astrophotography: unfortunately, living in an area heavily polluted by artificial lights, I have been forced for years to move with all the equipment in search of dark skies, while not disdaining to shoot sometimes from my home terrace with narrow band filters.
Since 2017 I have installed a small observatory under a good mountain sky 2 hours away from my home, with a photographic telescope that can be managed even remotely.
However as soon as I can I go up to the mountains to be also physically under the sky and contemplate the stars while the telescope is shooting.
In addition to celestial objects, I also like to photograph the earth's landscape and visit cities and villages, especially in Italy.
In my life I work as a Project Manager at a multinational company in the automotive sector.

To contact me: roberto.marinoni71@gmail.com