About image
Sh2-115 is an emission nebula placed about 2.5 ° northwest of Deneb.
It is an HII region with an apparent extension of 50'x50 'and an estimated distance of 7500 light years.
At the top right we see a round-shaped nebula: it is Sh2-116, considered for a long time a planetary nebula due to its shape, then a 1991 study made it clear that it is actually an emission nebula.

Technical data
Optic          Tecnosky Apo Triplet 115 - 800mm f/7
Mount        Losmandy G11 with FS2
Camera        Atik 4000 with Starlight Xpress filter wheel 5 positions
Filters        Baader Ha 7nm unmounted
Guiding system    TSOAG 9mm with Lodestar
Exposure details  17x900", bin1 -10C
Total integration  4.2h
Acquisition      Maxim DL, PHD
Processing      Maxim DL, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L       18.70    
Location       Home terrace (Rescaldina, Italy)
Date          30 July 2013

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