NGC 6905 Blue Flash Nebula

About image
NGC 6905 also known as the Blue Flash Nebula, is a planetary nebula in the constellation Delphinus. 

It is very small: its internal shell has angular dimensions 47"×34” and roughly conical extensions, with ansae-type formations along the major axis. 

The central star is a white dwarf with an estimated surface temperature of 150.000 K. The distance of the nebula, as with most planetary nebulae, is not well determined and estimates range between 1.7 and 2.6 kpc.   (Text adapted from Wikipedia)

Being so small, this image is a strong crop of the original frame.

Technical data
Optic          GSO RC12 Truss - Aperture 304mm, focal lenght 2432mm, f/8
Mount        10Micron GM2000 HPSII
Camera         Moravian G3-16200 with external filter wheel 7 positions
Filters        Astrodon Gen2 E-Serie Tru-Balance 50mm unmounted LRGB
Guiding system    OAG Moravian M68 with guide camera Moravian G1-0301
Exposure details  L 101x60" bin2 -20C
                                    R 40x60" bin2 -20C
                                    G 40x60" bin2 -20C
                                    B 40x60" bin2 -20C
Total integration  3h41'
Acquisition      Voyager, PHD2
Processing      Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L       21.00    
Location       Promiod (Aosta Valley, Italy), own remote observatory
Date          29/30 August 2021

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