NGC 6791

About image

NGC 6791 is a distant open cluster visible in the constellation Lyra, with magnitude 9.5 and diameter 16'.
It appears rather rich and very concentrated and is one of the oldest open clusters known, having an estimated age of around 8 billion years.
It is located 13,300 light years away, almost outside the galactic disk.
The photo was taken from my home location, under a sky very polluted by lights and above all not very clear due to a constant layer of humidity.
The image is a consistent crop of the original frame.

Technical data
Optic         Tecnosky Apo refractor LT 130-910 with Riccardi reducer 0.75x (focal lenght 692mm, f/5.3)
Mount       Skywatcher EQ8
Camera                      Moravian G3-16200 CCD with external filter wheel 7 positions
Filters                         Baader 50mm unmounted RGB
Guiding system         Artesky Ultraguide 70mm 
Exposure details    R 31x300" bin1 -15C

         G 31x300" bin1 -15C
            B 31x300" bin1 -15C                      

Total integration       7h45'
Acquisition                Voyager, PHD2
Processing                Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5, NoiseXTerminator
SQM-L                       18.2    
Location                    Rescaldina (Italy), home terrace
Date                          29/30 June 2022,  3 August 2022, 8 July 2023

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