NGC 5466

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NGC 5466 is a globular cluster inside Bootes constellation, with diameter 11' and apparent magnitude 9.2.

Its distance is 50000 light year and it is characterized by a very small concentration of stars. 

Recent studies (2007) shows that this globular has tidal tails very extended (more than 45°) due to very slow dissolution caused by the effects of tides at perigalacticon and disc-crossing (more info in this interesting article

Technical data
Optic          GSO RC12 Truss - Aperture 304mm, focal lenght 2432mm, f/8
Mount        10Micron GM2000 HPSII
Camera         Moravian G3-16200 with external filter wheel 7 positions
Filters         Astrodon Gen2 E-Serie Tru-Balance 50mm unmounted LRGB
Guiding system    OAG Moravian M68 with guide camera Moravian G1-0301
Exposure details  L 20x300" bin2 -30C
                                    R 10x300" bin2 -30C
                                    G 10x300" bin2 -30C
                                    B 10x300" bin2 -30C
Total integration  4,2h
Acquisition      Voyager, PHD2
Processing      Pixinsight 1.8, DxO Photolab 3
SQM-L       21.40    
Location       Promiod (Aosta Valley, Italy), own remote observatory
Date          22 January / 23 February 2020

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