NGC 281, Pacman Nebula

About image

NGC 281 (Sh2-184) is a bright emission nebula in Cassiopeia, also known as the Pacman Nebula for its resemblance to the famous video game character. 

This nebula has a dimension of 20x30 arcmin and is associated with open cluster IC 1590 (not so much striking), several Bok globules and the multiple star HD 5005 (the brightest star inside the nebula). 

The estimated distance of this nebula is 9200 light years.
The image was obtained from my home terrace in severe conditions due to light pollution and sky “foggy” for high humidity, so long total integration was needed.

Technical data
Optic         Tecnosky Apo refractor LT 130-910 with Riccardi reducer 0.75x (focal lenght 692mm, f/5.3)
Mount       Skywatcher EQ8
Camera                      Atik 4000 with Starlight Xpress external filter wheel 5 positions
Filters                         Baader 50mm unmounted RGB , Ha 7nm, OIII 8,5nm
Guiding system         Artesky Ultraguide 70mm 
Exposure details    R 29x300" bin1 -20C

         G 29x300" bin1 -20C
            B 29x300" bin1 -20C

         Ha 19x900" bin1 -20 + 8x900" bin1 -25C

         OIII 9x900" bin1 -20C + 16x900" bin1 -25C                   
Total integration       20h15'
Acquisition                Voyager, PHD2
Processing                Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5, StarXTerminator, Topaz Denoise
SQM-L                       18.3    
Location                    Rescaldina (Italy), home terrace
Date                          10/13/14 October, 4/5/6 November, 11 December 2021

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