NGC 2392 Eskimo Nebula

About image
NGC 2392, also known as "Eskimo Nebula" is a planetary nebula visible in the constellation Gemini.
It is bipolar and is formed by two envelopes; it is surrounded by the gases that made up the outer layers of a solar-type star 10,000 years ago.
The visible internal filaments are expelled by a strong wind of particles coming from the central star.
NGC 2392 is located at a distance of about 5,000 light years.

Technical data
Optic            Celestron C9.25 Edge HD f/10
Mount          Losmandy G11 with Ovision worm and FS2
Camera           Atik 4000 with Starlight Xpress filter wheel 5 positions
Filters        Baader Ha 7nm and OIII 8.5nm, 50.8 unmounted
Guiding system      Starlight SXV-AO-LF, OAG Starlight Xpress and Lodestar
Exposure details    Ha 27x120" bin1 -20C
            OIII 26x120" bin1 -20C
Total integration    1.8h
Acquisition       Maxim, PHD2
Processing       Maxim, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L        18.30    
Location        Home terrace (Rescaldina, Italy)
Date            5 February 2016

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