NGC 2371

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NGC 2371 is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Gemini about 3900 light years away from Earth. 

It was discovered by William Herschel in 1785, but recognized as a real nebula only in 1917. 

It has a diameter of just 62 "and appears as an irregular disk wrapped in a gradually fainter gas as you proceed towards the edges. 

It shows a clear bipolar aspect: this morphology suggests that the two condensations of material are part of a gas torus. 

The central star has magnitude 14.8.

Technical data
Optic          GSO RC12 Truss - Aperture 304mm, focal lenght 2432mm, f/8
Mount        10Micron GM2000 HPSII
Camera         Moravian G3-16200 with external filter wheel 7 positions
Filters         Astrodon 50mm narrowband filters Ha 5nm and OIII 5nm
Guiding system    OAG Moravian M68 with guide camera Moravian G1-0301
Exposure details  Ha 48x300" bin2 -30C

                OIII 40x300" bin2 -30C
Total integration  7.3h
Acquisition      Voyager, PHD2
Processing      Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L       21.4    
Location       Promiod (Aosta Valley, Italy), own remote observatory
Date           31 January/18 February 2020


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