NGC 1977

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NGC 1977 is an emission and reflection nebula in Orion constellation.
This is the largest and southernmost section of a complex that also includes the nearby nebulae NGC 1973 and NGC 1975 and constitutes the southernmost part of the large H II Sh-2 279 region: the various parts are interspersed with dark nebulosities, which prevent total vision and make the complex like divided into several parts.
In all this area the formation of new stars is active.
The nebula NGC 1977 reflects the light emitted by some blue stars visible in the central area, in turn emitting a bluish light.
The estimated distance of this nebula is about 1500 light years.
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Technical data
Optic         GSO RC12 Truss - Aperture 304mm, focal lenght 2432mm, f/8
Mount       10Micron GM2000 HPSII
Camera        ZWO ASI 2600 MM Pro with filter wheel 7 positions
Filters        Astrodon Gen2 E-Serie Tru-Balance 50mm unmounted LRGB  and Ha 5nm
Guiding system   ZWO OAG-L with guide camera ASI 174MM
Exposure details  L 40x300" bin3 -15C gain 100

             R 16x300" bin3 -15C gain 100
             G 16x300" bin3 -15C gain 100
          B 16x300" bin3 -15C gain 100             
Total integration  7h20'
Acquisition      Voyager, PHD2
Processing      Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5, StarXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator, BlurXTerminator
SQM-L       21.00   
Location       Promiod (Aosta Valley, Italy), own remote observatory
Date           12/13 January 2024


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