M97 and M108

About image
In this image we can see two different objects at very different distances from Earth: the spiral galaxy M108 is 45 millions of light year distant, while the planetary nebula is "only" 2600 light years distant (so it belongs to our galaxy, the Milky Way).

Technical data
Optic            Apo refractor Tecnosky 115/800 f/6.9
Mount          Losmandy G11 with FS2
Camera           Canon 400D Baader modified
Filters        -
Guiding system      Apo refractor Skywatcher 80ED
Exposure details    19x480" iSO 800
Total integration    2.5h
Acquisition        Maxim, PHD2
Processing        Maxim, Iris, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L         21.3    
Location         Cegni (Pavia, Italy)
Date            15 March 2013

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