M 11

About image
M11, in the constellation of Scutum, is one of the richest and densest known open clusters: it contains in fact about 2900 verified components; among these, around 400 are brighter than magnitude 14.
It is 6000 light years from Earth and has an estimated age of 250 million years.

Technical data
Optic            Tecnosky Apo Refractor 115 - 800mm f/6.9
Mount          Losmandy G11 with Ovision wornm gear and FS2
Camera           Atik 4000 with Starlight external filter wheel 5 positions
Filters        Baader RGB 50.8 unmounted
Guiding system      TSOAG 9mm
Exposure details    R 5x300" bin1 -20C
                                      G 5x300" bin1 -20C
                                      B 4x300" bin1 -20C
Total integration    1.2h
Acquisition        Maxim, PHD2
Processing        Maxim, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L          21.30    
Location         Pian dell'Armà (Pavia, Italy)
Date             6 July 2013

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