LBN 777

About image
LBN 777 is a faint reflection nebula in the constellation Taurus, about 5 degrees northeast of the Pleiades.
It is also nicknamed "Baby Eagle Nebula" or "Little Eagle Nebula" because of the suggestive shape that recalls the head of the bird of prey.
Inside the LBN 777 the Barnard obscure nebula 207 is also visible. The whole area is characterized by the presence of a diffuse nebulosity: it is the Molecular Cloud of Taurus, of which LBN 777 is part, located about 400 light years from Earth .

Technical data
Optic            Tecnosky Apo Refractor 115 - 800mm f/6.9
Mount          10Micron GM1000 HPS
Camera           Atik 4000 with Starlight Xpress filter wheel 5 positions
Filters        Baader LRGB 50.8 unmounted
Guiding system      Starlight Xpress OAG with Lodestar
Exposure details    L 30x600" bin1 -20C
                                      R 10x420" bin2 -20C
                                      G 10x420" bin2 -20C
                                      B 10x420" bin2 -20C
Total integration    8.5h
Acquisition        Maxim, PHD2
Processing        Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L         21.16    
Location         Passet (Aosta Valley, Italy), Pian dell'Armà (Pavia, Italy)
Date            12 December 2015, 28 October 2016

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