IC 5070, Pelican Nebula

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The Pelican Nebula (also known as IC 5067/70) is an H II region visible in the constellation Cygnus, near Deneb; it belongs to the same giant molecular cloud as the nearby North America Nebula. Its distance is estimated at around 1956 light years.
The nebula resembles a pelican, due to a dark nebula that marks the northern edge of the object, thus making it resemble a pelican's beak.
From an astronomical point of view, it is an emission nebula, much studied due to the star formation phenomena that occur within it.
Due to the strong dynamics of its gases, the nebula will change shape relatively quickly.
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Technical data
Optic         Tecnosky Apo refractor LT 130-910 with Riccardi reducer 0.75x (focal lenght 692mm, f/5.3)
Mount       Skywatcher EQ8
Camera                      Moravian G3-16200 with external filter wheel 7 positions
Filters                         Baader 50mm unmounted RGB , Ha 7nm
Guiding system         Artesky Ultraguide 70mm 
Exposure details    R 23x300" bin1 -15C

         G 22x300" bin1 -15C
            B 21x300" bin1 -15C

         Ha 44x600" bin1 -15C                            
Total integration       12h50'
Acquisition                Voyager, PHD2
Processing                Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5, StarXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator, BlurXTerminator
SQM-L                       18.2    
Location                    Rescaldina (Italy), home terrace
Date                          8/26 July, 6/7 September 2023

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