IC 1805

About image
An image of the central part of the IC1805 Nebula in Cassiopeia, also called Heart Nebula due to its shape on large field images.
It is a wide HII region about 7500 light-years away: inside there are some small open clusters responsible for its ionization, among which the most significant is Melotte 15, composed of about fifty stars. This was my very first ccd image.

Technical data
Optic            Tecnosky Apo Triplet 115 - 800mm f/7
Mount          Losmandy G11 with FS2
Camera           Atik 4000 with Starlight Xpress filter wheel 5 positions
Filters        Baader Ha 7nm unmounted
Guiding system      TSOAG 9mm with Lodestar
Exposure details    18x900", bin1 -20C
Total integration    4,5h
Acquisition        Maxim DL, PHD
Processing        Maxim DL, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L        18.20    
Location         Home terrace (Rescaldina, Italy)
Date            8 December 2012

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