Barnard 142-143

About image
Barnard 142 (on the right of the image) and Barnard 143 (on the left) are a couple of dark nebulae in Aquila constellation.
This couple is also known with the name of E nebula due to the resemblance to this letter.
B143 is the darkest and also the largest and completely masks the light of the stars behind it, while B142 is less dense, allowing some background starlight to pass through.
The distance of the two nebulae complexes is estimated at about 2000 light years from us.
This image is a crop of the original image field due to an annoying reflection of the near bright star Gamma Aquilae.

Technical data
Optic          TS Optics 76 EDPH - Aperture 76mm, focal lenght 342mm, f/4.5
Mount        Skywatcher EQ6R
Camera         ZWO ASI 294MM Pro with external filter wheel 7 positions
Filters         Antlia 36mm LRGB 
Guiding system    Artesky Ultraguide 32mm
Exposure details  L 15x120" bin2 -15C
                                    R 16x120" bin2 -15C
                                    G 16x120" bin2 -15C
                                    B 16x120" bin2 -15C

          Gain 120, offset 30 
Total integration  2h6'
Acquisition      Voyager, PHD2
Processing      Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS5
SQM-L       NA    
Location       Pian dell'Armà (Pavia, Italy)
Date           6 August 2021

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